Proverbs 20:9

Who can say, I have made my heart clean, I am pure from my sin? (KJV)

Those who can truly say that they have made their heart clean are pure from sin. I mean, I guess. Right? Eh, but then again, no one can really be perfect, so I guess that is a half-truth at best, and under certain contexts can be a sin for lying. Can anyone be free from sin? I mean aren’t we all “born into sin?” Thanks, Adam and Eve. Fucking human race traitors. Wait, shit! Wait, damn! ARGH. I mean. Excuse me. I must go to confession and absolve my sins, making me pure until I have one impure thought. But then again, I did have sexual relations out of wedlock, and I don’t think I really am truly sorry for that. 9/10, know what I mean? 😉 ugh we’re all going to Hell.(BBI)

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