1 Peter 5:6-7

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. (NIV)

Katelyn opened the large double doors and walked into the office. She glanced at God, but looked away quickly as she felt she was not worthy. Also, the light emitting from his face was blinding. Instead, Katelyn looked around the room at the high bookshelves, intricate stained glass windows, and therapist’s reclining chair.

“I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty nervous,” she said.

“Do not worry my child. Come,” God said as he pointed her in the direction of the chair. Upon his beckoning, Katelyn walked to the chair and sat in it. She felt comfortable in his holy light and began casting her anxieties onto him.

“I just don’t know, God. Sometimes, I just feel like I’m not getting as much out of life as I put in.” Katelyn paused as God scribbled something down on a legal pad. “And I’m not sure if it’s something I can control or not. It’s really tiring and affecting my self-esteem.”

“That’s certainly interesting. How do you feel it’s impacting your life?” God said with compassion.

“I work out and everything, but I hate the way my knees look. Look at my them!”

“Yeah, I’m looking at them. I made them. What’s the problem?”

“Someone said my knees look like Al Pacino and Chevy Chase’s lovechild!”

“Oh, Jerry? Yeah, he’s an asshole. Don’t worry about him. I’ll take care of him.”

“Wait, how did you–?”

“I know everything. Go on, what else troubles you, my child?”

“My anxiety has me feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. When I go to the shower, I cover my private parts, even though I know no one else is there. Is that weird?”

“Well, God does see everything.”

“Excuse me?”

“Nothing. Anything else?”

“Well, there is one more thing,” Kaitlyn hesitated for a moment and then found the strength to continue. “I’ve…I’ve been such a mess lately that I’ve gone back to gambling. It started with slot machines, but it wasn’t good enough. I started playing blackjack. And I won a few hands, and it felt good. But then I lost my wedding ring, so I had to win it back. So then I bet my daughter’s college fund. I didn’t think I had another choice. I still haven’t told my husband. I told him I lost my ring while at the gym. What do I do? Oh God, what do I do?!”

“Hmm, that is tough. All right, 10 Our Fathers and 10 Hail Marys, and you should be good. NEXT!” (BBI)

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