My apathy for religion

A rare semi-personal update. I’m back home and went to church with my parents on Christmas Eve. My mother being the devout Catholic woman she is suggested that I go to confession so I can receive Christ’s Body.
If anything describes my apathy better than my response, I don’t know what it is.

Mom: “You should go to confession.”
Me: “I’m good, bro.”

The informal, nonchalant, complete apathy for it. I’m sorry Baby Jesus, I’ve forsaken you.

This shit…

This is the kinda stuff that partially pisses me off. People acting all holy when they do not do as the Bible says. I get it. We’re all sinners, but c’mon. I guess he has good intentions, but there just lacks a bit of reality. It lacks viewpoint. Though I do find extremist preachers hilarious, I do not agree with the majority (98% of things they say).

He has some great quotes: “Yoga pants are sin.” and “It’s time to stop listening to Miley Cyrus.” And just some of his general awkwardness (e.g. @4:43). Classic.

Thanks to Vice Media. Big fan.