Leviticus 18:22

22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. (KJV)

22 Ewww, guHroo0sss! Like a peener with another, ew! How does that even work?!
Wait, EW, YOU MEAN UP THE BUTTHOLE?! It’s…it’s like a brown snake then.

Girl-on-girl scissoring is pretty hot though. (BBI)

Bit late, but congratulations on marriage equality, my friends of whatever sexuality.

John 21:15

15 So when they had dined, Jesus saith to Simon Peter, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me more than these? He saith unto him, Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee. He saith unto him, Feed my lambs. (KJV)

15 Jesus laid down the home-cooked meal in front of Simon Peter. Simon Peter immediately started ravaging the plate, no manners brought into the forefront. Jesus, noticing Simon’s hastiness, asked him, “Simon, do you love me? Do you love me more than that food?” Simon Peter paused, rolled his eyes, and in a muffled answer through bites of his meal reluctantly said, “Yeah yeah. Of course, Jesus. You know I love you.” Simon Peter then took another ginormous meal of his turkey leg.

Jesus standing there with his hands clutched together finally seemed a bit relieved, and his tight grasp slowly loosened. He let go, made a slight smile, and started walking back to the kitchen. Simon called out, “Hey, go get me a beer.”(BBI)