About Bad Bible

A satirical blog interpreting the Bible, Christian teachings, verses, and stories. Bad Bible Interpretations will largely use the King James Version (KJV), which had been one of the most popular translations in the U.S. for a while. Now the New International Version (NIV) is most widely used translation, and Bad Bible will use this occasionally. But because KJV uses more antiquated language, the average American, who has a 7th grade reading level, may struggle to fully understand – allowing for even poorer and more hilarious interpretation.

Henry, the unholy author of this blasphemous blog, was raised Catholic (no surprise there) and was fairly religious up until high school. He was even an altar boy and went to Catholic schools except from grades 2-5. However, when he sought out answers from the Church, he was fed straight year-old, expired bologna instead. Around the same time, his worldview became a bit more cynical and rooted in reality.

Since then, he’s seen the Church as the political machine it is, probably with numerous backdoor deals (no pun intended, altar boys), i.e. the Vatican’s support of the Nazi party in WWII; the “infallibility” of the Pope being overturned by the Vatican (can’t trust an organization run by human beings); and hypocrites and radicals, who hide behind or use religion as the reason for anything they do but go against their religious teachings at the same time.

From all of this, Henry thought it was necessary to share how ridiculous some of the religious teachings (of any religion) could be by twisting the words of the Bible. Some call him God’s messenger and a prophet. Others, himself included, think it’s probably just an attempt to show humor to a humorless crowd of overly religious people who cling to it like no other.

Despite all this, Henry considers himself an agnostic, not an atheist. And if there is a God, then well, there are worse people out there. Please don’t smite me.

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